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WillMoores, LLC was established in 2016 in Deerfield Beach, Florida by Shanika Moore and Uncle Joseph Williams, hence the identity 'WillMoores' was created. After 28 years of serving in the U.S. Military, Uncle Joseph was ready to take on the challenge! The company was founded due to the popularity of Shanika’s homemade wing sauce. Shanika loved cooking wings & was so excited to share her twangy sauce with her neighbors & community. Needless to say, the sauce was a HIT! Shanika would spend her time & resources to provide this one-of-a-kind sauce for special events, festivals, BBQs, sports games & anything else you could think of. 


As if Shanikas’ wings weren’t good enough, her special sauce would take it to a new level that the community couldn’t resist. People would come from all around to try & buy her delicious wings & her twangy wing sauce. Shanika was told that the sauce was so good that she could sell over a billion bottles if she were to put it on the market. Shanika approached Uncle Joe with her excitement and asked if he would help her get started. Uncle Joe immediately took on the challenge and dedicated the time, effort & resources to make her dream become a reality.  


Our ultimate goal is to place WillMoores Twangy Wing Sauce on the shelves in every supermarket & restaurant across the country. We truly believe that we provide one of the best specialty sauces in the market that everyone will love. 


We couldn’t have made this happen without the love & support of family, friends & the community. 


We guarantee that once you try it, you WILL want MOORE!


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